About us

About us

“Architecture is the only form of art that cannot be produced without a customer.”​

“EIK Design Studio is an Istanbul-based company that makes Turkey's leading architecture, interior design, construction, corporate identity, conceptual designs and applications. Our company, which has more than 15 years of experience in its field, operates in the fields of project planning, design & concept and application, from hotels to hospitals, from housing projects to office projects, from retail stores to factory buildings. Among those we serve are companies with national and international operations, for example; Burberry, Lacoste, Gant, G-Star, Swatch, Nautica, Superstep, SıuperKids, Occasion, Seven Sessions, Modern Karton, Modern Enerji, Eren Holding and many more companies. There are also NBA & NFL players, national volleyball players, Hollywood actors and actresses, hotels and countless other sectors.

As EIK Design Studio, we always approach working on a project with a simple rule;


When starting with a new customer, we ask them to tell us their needs, tastes and experiences. We offer them our know-how, training and experience. The important thing is to capture the right synergy and combine these elements in a way that makes everyone happy.

An architect / designer is like a therapist for projects. While we equip our clients' projects with our technical knowledge and interpret them with our aesthetics, we share our experiences in the way we believe how they should be seen, used and felt. Architecture is the only art form that cannot be produced without a client. For this reason, functionality; isolated with personal satisfaction, equipped with technical knowledge, decorated with artistic lines (supported) is our ultimate goal.

As we shape your buildings and living spaces, they shape us. EIK Design Studio family is a company that grows day by day by adding its customers to its family after the projects and continues its way by believing that architecture is the only art form that cannot be given without a customer."